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March 17, 2017
BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Transforms the experience and knowledge are needed to produce a good journal writing made by Unikom Lecturer, in preparation for the Unikom International Conference, so Directorate of Training and Development Application and Service Centre held meetings and discussions with IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia Team, on Tuesday (14/3) at 09.30 am in the Unikom Conference Room. The meeting was also attended by the Director LPPM, Dr. Lia Warlina, M. Si., Ir., Chairman of the Division of ERG, Agus Mulyana, Kom., MT., Chairman of the IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia, Tri Adiono, Ph.D, with a team of 4 people, and some of the staff of the Directorate of Training and Development Application and Service Centre.

Bobi Kurniawan ST, M.Kom as Director of Training and Development Application and Service Centre was began the meeting, he said the first discussions held by Directorate of Training and Development Application and Service Centre was a step to collaboration between Unikom and IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia, especially to preparation Unikom International Conference. “We hope received a suggestion about National of International Conference, especially about publication. This meeting as a first step for Unikom to saw an opportunity and build cooperation with IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia,” said Bobi.

Chairman of the IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia tell about step by step how to organize International Conference which has been held by independently or in cooperation with other agencies, such as sponsorship, selection the theme, until publication. “On the topic, is expected to be more focused, even if it covers several different topics, that would be made in the form of a separate conference in order to simplify the time of publication, or make a join conference. If you see Unikom, which famous in the field of ICT, theme or topic of interest for the conference is about science and technology or theme refers to the Word Class University and become a trend today, "said Tri.

IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia as a center for science and technology and a vehicle for building industry ecosystem in Indonesia, also offering Unikom to join in the form of workshops or training that can be delivered to the lectures and students in Unikom. "Tim IEEE SSCS will facilitate the teaching staff or trainers, complete with materials and learning modules. Opportunities of this training is to follow the competition to Okinawa, Japan, " said Tri. In addition, Tim IEEE SSCS will possibly recruit Unikom students which expert in OS to join as trainer.

The ongoing discussion was communicative become a positive first step for Unikom and IEEE SSCS Chapter Indonesia to build sustainable cooperation. "We get a lot of knowledge and important points that have been noted, especially in terms of implementation of the international conference. Hopefully, today's lesson can we execute so well that the expected goals can be achieved, "said Bobi. (Directorate Hms & Pro)