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April 10, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- The importance of students equipped with certified competence in the field of scholarship, became mandatory demands for every study program in universities to support government policy mandated through the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation (Permendikbud) Number. 81 in the year 2014 about Diploma certificate, Competency Certificate and Professional Certificate of Higher education.

Rules derived from Law Number. 12 in the year 2012 about Higher Education and Government Regulation Number. 4 in the year 2014 on the Implementation of Higher Education and Management of Universities, mentioned in Article 44 paragraph 1-3, Law Number. 12 requires that every university must provide a certificate of competence for every graduates as an official statement of their competence and can be used to get a job that according to his expertise.

It has been implemented by Information System (SI) and Informatics Management (MI) of Unikom through the International Seminar entitled "Microsoft & Adobe Challenge" which was held on Saturday, (8/4) at 08.30 WIB at Auditorium Miracle of Unikom. The seminar was attended by ± 275 participants from students of SI and MI of Unikom and several other universities such as ITB and Telkom University. According to the Chairman of Hima SI, Firdhan Vandaru Wibisana, said that this event is an annual program of Prodi SI and MI in collaboration with Hima SI which is intended for every student in the final year. "Initially this seminar only targeted for 250 participants, but because of high enthusiasm then we add the participant quota to 275," said Firdhan.

The international seminar, hosted by Master of Ceremony (MC), is delivered in two languages English and Bahasa Indonesia, and opened by the Chairman of the Executive, Agus Nursikuwagus, ST., MT., MM., MOS., MTA. He conveyed that this event is one of the efforts to support government policy which requires all universities in Indonesia to provide Certificate of Companion Diploma (SKPI) in addition to diploma and transcript of value to the graduates. "We want students to understand the significance of international certified competencies. Today's event is an introduction to the certification test, so do not ever consider this as a liability but an interest, "said Agus.

The same thing was told by the Head of Prodi SI and MI Unikom, Marliana Budhiningtias W, S.Si., M.Si, that SKPI is something that all students in all universities can have. "From now on the final grade student mindset is not enough to graduate with diploma certificate and transcript value, but also have certificate competence one of them through certification test," said Marliana.

The international seminar, hosted by Imelda, ST., MT as a moderator, attended the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hj. Umi Narimawati, Dra, SE, M.Si, as opening speakers, and some keynote speakers such as Heri Purwanto, MM., MT., MOS., MTA (Certiport Sumatera and Java Chapter), Ismail, Ir (Certiport Indonesia Chapter) , And Chang Kok Song Christopher (Certiport Asean Chapter Managing Director of Cert Connection Singapore). The opportunity was also used as a momentum of signing MOU conducted by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs with Certiport Sumatera and Java Chapter, continued by MOA signing on the implementation of Certification Test in Unikom by the Head of SI and MI Certiport Sumatera and with Java Chapter.

Improving SKPI's policy is in line with Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 8 of 2012 about Indonesia National Qualification Framework (KKNI) which is currently starting to be explored in Unikom. KKNI mandates that graduates of higher education at level six (Bachelor and Diploma IV) must be able to be responsible on their own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of organizational work. "The output is expected that the graduates, especially Prodi SI and MI of Unikom have different competencies, which has a characteristic of the competence it has. It is the responsibility of the study program to jointly lead the students to have international certified competence, "said Umi Narimawati.

Through this event, it is expected that graduates from Prodi SI and MI of Unikom can follow the competency certification test to have qualification to continue as practitioner in computer field, either Microsoft, Flash, or Adobe competence.