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January 12, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- The highlight event and closing series of celebration design 2016 (HaDe 2016) with the titled “New Nda (nyunda)” held since (12/14) is was the announcement of the winners of the design competition entitled 'paHaDe-HaDe'. The event was held on Friday (12/30) at the Corridor of 6th Floor of UNIKOM New Building, followed by ± 50 student of UNIKOM DKV from various semesters. Some of them are finalists of design competition that have been selected and their work has been exhibited at the Exhibition "Tenjoeun". The design competition categories include: 1) Drawing MK II; 2) SDKV IV; 3) Interactive Multimedia I; 4) Packaging of Typography II; and 5) Model Photography.

The closing event of HaDe 2016 held at 10:00 am, was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Design, Prof. Dr. Primadi Tabrani, the chairman of the DKV, Deni Albar, S.Sn., M.Ds, and some lecturers and secretariat of UNIKOM DKV. The event of HaDe 2016 was symbolically closed by the remarks from Prof. Primadi Tabrani, his express the emotion and his proud for the success of the celebration of Design 2016. "I hope that next year HaDe can be held at a time and the same place but with the more of work and better," said Primadi.

Irwan Tarmawan, M.Ds as the Chief Executive of HaDe 2016 expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of university, faculty, study program, and all students of DKV who assist and support the implementation of the annual program DKV of UNIKOM. "The event of HaDe 2016 has been initiated with the exhibition of works with the titled “enjoeun”, and continued with a public lecture and workshop ‘mikir bari ngulik’ and the workshop of 'kapincut' and the photography competition model 'ngabar raga' until the end of the event and the announcement of the winners of the design competition ‘paHaDe-HaDe'. hopefully the spirit and creativity of the student's for make a work does not end up here, "said Irwan.

The series of HaDe 2016 has shown the best work of students from a various of categories that are contested. Based on the information obtained that DKV seeks to build an academic spirit and creativity, where in every year DKV will choose some of courses to be contested and to find the best work. Deni Albar, S.Sn., M.Ds said that the purpose of DKV is to organize the annually events of HaDe is to show the identity of DKV and to motivating the students to always make a works and to prove they worth, especially the implementation of HaDe in this year has been facilitated by a better place.

The curator of exhibition celebration of Design 2016, Ambarsih Ekawardhani, M.Sn said "... you need to know as a student, turns on when determining the winners of every category of competition is not easy. Many things are taken into consideration, even occasionally been a debate among the jury because of intense competition. The achievement of HaDe 2016 that the works that have been produced by the students, the better, creative, and the work into the final round more qualified.

After the announcement of the winner of the design competition 'paHaDe-HaDe', the event closed with a prayer as an expression of gratitude for the smooth running of the event and successful implementation of a celebration of Design 2016. All parties of DKV hope the event of HaDe in the next time can show more the great works of lecturers and the students of DKV of UNIKOM