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March 27, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- National Movement Digital 1.000 Startup Bandung who became the government's priority program is the first step to create the future of the digital economy in Indonesia, which is now entering the stage of "Bootcamp". Movement initiated will create 1000 digital-based startups, is expected to transform Indonesia into a developed country with a young generation as an activator.

The stage of "Bootcamp" of Startup Bandung is an intensive mentoring program which was held for 3 days from 24-26 March 2017 in Room L.018 Smart Building Unikom, who began with the speech of Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hj. Umi Narimawati, Dra. SE., M.Sc. Her said, the National Movement 1000 Digital Startup is very in line with the program initiated by the Government of Bandung to build the Smart City and innovate through technology.

Through these activities are expected to Bandung can create a generation of young talent that is the startup, so that will be able to contribute in realizing the Bandung City as Innovative Technology, "said Umi. Coinciding with the commemoration of ‘Bandung Lautan Api’ in Bandung on April 23rd, be the right moment to burn the spirit of the young generation in building this country, one of them through this positive movement,” said Umi.

"Bootcamp" is a stage for startups to prepare their product launch strategy, which they get their mentors from various fields to assist in the development and refinement of their startup. The event was attended by 13 teams with a total participants 49 people, who successfully pass the selected starting from Ignition to stage Hacksprint, for the next 200 selected participants from 10 cities in Indonesia, will be incubated for approximately 3 months in each city every year, resulting in 5 year will create 1.000 digital startup.

The first day, the whole team is given the exposure of the material regarding the products and business models, followed by consultations 1 on 1 between startup with practitioners, so they can know the pros and cons. Furthermore, on the second day all participants will receive materials about technology and marketing. Then on the third day, participants were given exposure to the material on how to pitch, equipped session coach pitching, which ended with pitching startup to media and partners are invited to the event.

According Septriana Tangkary, SE., MM, as Director of Information Technology Empowerment who attended the first day of "Bootcamp" stage in Unikom, expressed gratitude to Unikom for its support and contribution in creating a more leading Indonesia through the National Movement 1.000 Digital Startup. "For us, academics as an activator because many Indonesian children who are potentially in the field of technology, especially UNnikom is a great college has made the movement more quickly than we expected, especially in the development of technology that is growing very rapidly," said Septriana.

The arrival of the Director of Information Technology Empowerment welcomed by the Head of Study Program of Visual Communication Design, Deni Albar, S.Sn., M.Ds, some lecturers of Study Program of Visual Communication Design, staff of the Directorate of Public Relations and Protocol, and the Student Protocol Corps at Room L.030 Smart Building Unikom. Representing the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Septriana expect that the synergy who developed between Kemenkominfo and Unikom can be continue to run on an ongoing basis, especially now Kemenkominfo are building Coding School. "Besides wanting to expand the National Movement 1000 Digital Startup to Eastern Indonesia, we are currently preparing the School Coding and hopefully Unikom could be one of the mentors in the school," said Septriana.

Similar disclosed by Irwan Tarmawan, M.Ds as Lecturer of Study Program of Visual Communication Design who welcomed the cooperation between the Minister of Communication and Information Technology with Unikom. "The stage of Bootcamp is the final stages of the implementation the National Movement 1000 Digital Startup Bandung which was held in Unikom, because after this, who qualify will enter the stage of incubation. But we hope that the cooperation with the Minister of Communication and Information Technology doesn’t stop until here, because Unikom will be open to support in positive programs who initiated by the government, particularly on programs that are in line with the vision and mission of the Unikom," said Irwan.

As it said by Rudiantara (Minister of Communication and Information Technology), while attending the opening of the National Movement 1000 Digital Startup Bandung of the stage of Ignition, which was held on November 5th 2016 in Unikom, he expects that the national movement which was held simultaneously in 10 cities in Indonesia, capable of realizing the potential of Indonesia as The Digital Energy of Asia 2020. (Directorate Hms & Pro, compiled from various sources)